As a passionate gin-drinker I challenged myself some years ago and I wanted to know whether I was able to make my own gin. Ph.Collet’s Gin is the fine result of gaining expertise, competences and a passion and dedication of experimenting with different herbs and spices. I have been continuously looking for new botanicals with pure nature being my main source of inspiration. Ph.Collet’s Gin has been made of a distillate of worldwide natural resources in combination with exclusive botanicals found in the Flemish woods. The character of Ph.Collet's Gin is composed by 11 botanicals, including subtle hints of rosemary and citrus.

I would never be able to share this story without the support of friends, family and people who believed in this project. Their positive reactions made me decide to bring Ph.Collet’s Gin on the market beginning of 2014. This has been a successful adventure so far which I would like to share with all gin lovers.

We are extremely grateful being the signatury drink of Michelin-star-restaurant dEssensi in our hometown sGravenwezel since many years now.  We predominantly distrubute our drink locally, but we also send our bottles across the world to individual passionate enthousiasts.  If you ever have a chance to visit Signapore, please do not forget to order your Ph.Collet's Gin at Atlas Bar, worlds largest gin-tonic bar.   

International Wine & Spirits Competition


The aim of the International Wine & Spirits Competition is to award excellence to wines and spirits worldwide, encouraging recognition for quality products.

Entries into the Competition are received from nearly 90 countries worldwide and each sample is judged according to its class and treated with the same care and consideration in the Competition’s dedicated tasting premises.

The IWS-Competition sets the international benchmark for quality remaining unique in the crowded world of drinks competitions with dedicated tasting premises, a permanent onsite cellar and over 400 global experts judging products for 7 months of the year.

In 2014 we got awarded a silver medal at the London International Wine and Spirits Competition in the category of London Dry Gins.