Ph.Collet’s Gin has been made of a distillate of worldwide natural resources in combination with exclusive botanicals found in the Flemish woods.  Originated in 's Gravenwezel, Belgium.

Ph.Collet's Gin is a "London Dry Gin", meaning we highly value and keep to the strict distilling process of the "London Dry"-principle.  We only use pure natural botanicals, macerating for more than 3 days in pure grain spirit.  A traditional copper pot still leads the spirit, above 70% abv, to our final gin.  Copper is an excellent conductor of heat which enables the heat to evenly disperse across the entire surface of the still in order to create a more even distillation.  Also copper will not put harmfull chemicals in our final product.  To ensure the highest quality of taste we only use the heart of the distillate, meaning we cut off the head and tail of the distilled spirit very close to its most powerful part.

Ph.Collet's ® London Dry Gin

Alc. 46 %

Vol. 0.7L

Type : London Dry

Proudly established in 2014

Distilled and bottled in Belgium

11 Botanicals

IWSC Silver 2014



The character of Ph.Collet's Gin is composed by 11 carefully seleceted botanicals

Juniper Berries

Coriander Seeds


Grains of Paradise

Lemon Peel

Sweet Orange Peel



and 3 secret ingredients

Tasting Notes


Ph.Collet's Gin is an aromatic London Dry Gin with a carefully balanced palate.  That's why we are very close to the center of the gin flavor matrix, with subtle herbal and citrus hints.